Welcome to Radical Thinking

Welcome to Radical Thinking where Central Illinois gets great web hosting, computer, networking and server products and services at affordable prices.  Radical Thinking brings 30 plus years of industry training and experience to both residential and small business.  For your home we know that your budget isn't unlimited and we respect that, we try to find ever way to help you save your pennies while still using all the joys of the internet and todays software that you need to enjoy school, personal life and every other aspect of your life.  For your business we look at the entirty of your business process and how IT works into it, helping you to leverage computers and todays technology to not only make your business grow, but to also lower your overall costs.

Everyone knows computers are supposed to make our lives better, at Radical Thinking we know they can and we help you realize that idea.  No more do you need to punch the keyboard or put your head in your hands because the computer or network is too slow or the network is down again.  Get some Radical Thinking on your side and see how things can be once you get the hometown help and experience you deserve.