VOIP Services

VOIP or Voice Over IP is today's new way to connect to your customers!  No matter how much we like to think it email will never replace the telephone, but just like today's telephone is a far stretch from what Edison and Watson used so is VOIP from what the telephone companies are offering.  VOIP offers even the smallest company to have enterprize telephone systems for pennies on the dollar.  Want voicemail, extensions, follow-me, transferring, hold music and more? 

Well, it's just a short VOIP install away.  Plus in addition to those features you get an incredible rate reduction from standard phoneline.  Say goodbye to long distance charges.  Fees vary based on the number of simultaneous calls but are a fraction of what the traditional companies offer so contact us for a custom quote today.

Now you can not only get your VOIP install performed by Radical Thinking, but we also OFFER VOIP service.  By partnering with one of the countries leading VOIP providers we are now able to offer VOIP service at incredible rates to our customers!  A customer portal which reports your usage, billing and all the other critical information awaits you as a Radical Thinking VOIP customer.  Compare our prices and you'll see we're a clear choice.

So whether you need a new phone system or just are looking for a new VOIP provider, look no further than Radical Thinking.

Current Rates

Number porting fee (transfer your number):
$15.00 per number

Monthly Fee:

$3.00 per line + call charges [explained below]

Call Charges:
Per minute billing performed in 30 second increments
Rates assessed at time of order and calling destinations required


Flat rate billing (available for residential customers only)
$20.00 per line/month
*Includes 3500 incoming minutes per month
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