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Web Hosting Summary

Today's websites can't stay static or be bland, usually this means forking out check after check for someone else to keep your content up to date for you.  Well NOT ANYMORE!  Radical Thinking employ's a cutting edge content management system which allows anyone with basic computer skills to maintain and run their own website without any specialized skills or software.  Additionally,you can manage your site from anywhere in the world with an internet connect.  Go on vacation and don't worry about leaving your laptop behind, many tablets can also edit major portions of your site.  These features mean your website can grow as your business does and you don't have to spend your hard earned money paying someone else to do something for you or wait for someone to put something on your site.

Don't let your competition get the jump on you, have an advertisment put it up NOW. Price changes?  Update them IMMEDIATLY! New items, it's as easy as using Microsoft Word.  Anyone can do it!

Our module driven portal system means that new content types will constantly be added to the portal system.  Some of the modules that exist already are:

    • Rich text areas
    • Custom fill in forms
    • Images
    • Rotating banners
    • Surveys
    • and more added all the time

We understand your site not only has to function but it has to have a distinctive look as well and we are here to help.  We have a wide catalog of website designs ranging from nature to night life and everything in between.  We work within your budget to do an initial design and population of your site then hand over the reigns and let you continue on worth your site as you need.  If you're short staffed and find that you can't keep up with the changes we do offer website maintenance contracts, but with most sites it's not required.

Form, Function and Affordable!  Contact us today for our current rates and packages.

Below are just a few of our satisfied customers and examples of our work.