small networks


Just because your business is small doesn't mean your network needs to be.  Plan it well and it can grow with you, its a true statement for just about every part of business and your infrastructure and servers are no different.  Don't have a network with multiple expensive inkjets or data spread all over, have it centralized and cheap to run.  Beyond everything have it stable, reliable and redundant. 

Performance problems: Time is money everyone knows that, not being able to get to your files both in and out of the office causes everyone frustration and lost time.

Misorganization causes chaos: Is your data centrally organized?  If you don't know the answer then it's most likely no.  That means your at risk for data loss, performance issues, security risks, all the problems you hear about every day.

Out of control costs: Does everyone have their own printer?  Are ink carteges eating you out of profits?  Do you have multiple types of PC's or a variety of software which drives up your maintenance costs?  Variety isn't always the spice of life, sometimes it's a huge cost of ownership, we can help organize and standardize.

Data loss: The worst thing that can happen to any business is to have your data lost or compromissed and by not planning ahead and having the right parts and people involved it's a trap all too many business fall in to.  It's one of those things that you never know about until you need it and it's one more bit of bad news on an already bad day.