website management

Web Management Overview

Even with our portal solutions sometimes your too busy building your business to run the website.  For times like this we offer full service website management services.  You send us an email with changes and we will make them for you for a nominal monthly fee.  So with this service we build the site then we'll maintain it for you with your updates and our guarantee of a 72 hours turn around for mostchanges (usually changes made in 48 hours).  Be it adding sections or making small text tweaks we'll do it all for you under an agreed upon up front maintenance contract.  You set the number of hours you want to purchase and we'll start right away.  No more going home just to sit up in front of the computer making changes instead of resting for the next day of work, let our staff make the changes for you.  If later you decide to take it over yourself it's just as easy to go back to making your own content changes as well, we understand it's all about the bottom line and your free time.